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« Adventure, Discovered and Wellness at the same time »


To benefit from the sun and a large fresh fresh air, a stay at the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha is an indubitable and unquestionable opportunity. Skilful and professional in this field, the establishment can be with the listening of the needs for each customer. To show its know-how, the hotel proposes a pallet of leisures and Entertainment aiming at enriching the stay by the holiday makers.

To begin the day, a good bathe in the large swimming pool of the hotel appears a much better option. With its depth of 2m and its length of 15 m/7, the swimming pool dominates the interior of the property. Deckchairs and deckchairs border the basin to benefit from a bath of morning sun. When heat becomes stifling under the sun of balance of Bekopaka, it is preferable to change distractions. In any event, accommodation has innumerable fittings to divert each profile of visitors. The sportsmen are useful thanks to the presence of the basketball courts, volleyball and football within the hotel. The least athletic are not less since billiards and the table tennis were expressly laid out for them.

If you came in family, you will be entitled to moments of pure pleasure accompanied by your children. Indeed, the hotel has a variety of board games (game of bowls, map, poker) amusing the small ones as much that the large ones. If not, one can also slacken in front of the 2 television sets diffusing of the chains satellite. For the single people wishing to speak to their close relations remote, a connection wifi is also accessible in the establishment. At the end of a long day of visits and of discovered of Tsingy, you get one moment of wellness in the massage room, between the hands of the masseuses. These last use essential oils of the island to guarantee relieving and relaxation with all the patients.


Located at 17 kms of the national park « Tsingy de Bemaraha », in the small village of Bekopaka, the GRAND HOTEL OF the TSINGY OF BEMARAHA with all its team is pleased to accommodate you, to satisfy you and make your stay pleasant. Name VAZIMBA makes the originality of the establishment in memory of the first inhabitants of Madagascar. The reserve of Tsingy de Bemaraha covers a karstic landscape and a calcareous high plateau carved in an impressive stone forest (tsingy). There is also the spectacular canyon of the Manambolo river, high summits and hills. The intact forests are the habitat of rare and threatened lemurs, and the wetlands in the vicinity the habitat of the rare birds. The area is a karstic part of a calcareous plate of the Cretaceous and beginning of Jurassic, west of the island. That extends from north to south by 100 km length by 5 to 15 km broad, bordered in the east by the 300 with stiff cliff 400m of Bemaraha to the top of the valley Manambolo.

On the west side from the plate is detached in the west from the hills covered by savanna. In north, the country alternates with outcrops limestones. In the south, the karstic plate is deeply eroded in a forest, limestones and canyons which make the access difficult to the site. This zone is known under the name Tsingy (the point of the feet), the Malagasy term to indicate it. It is divided into large tsingy and small Tsingy. The rocks are pointed, certain reaching 30m top and of marine fossils are visible. On the north side of the 20 km of the Manambolo river is in the reserve, with 100m high cliffs. Two seasonal and permanent flows of the rivers on the plate, the drainage west of lakes and of the marshy plains at the bottom of large a depres.
1990: Registration on the List of the world heritage to the title as of natural criteria VII and X.
Tsingy de Bemaraha integral Nature reserve: Ia (integral Nature reserve) Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park: II (national park)
The reserve is in the western center of Madagascar on the plate of Bemaraha, to 250 km west of Antananarivo and of 60-80 km inside on the west side. It is located in the northern half of the plate of the Antsingy area, north of the Manambolo river between 18° 17 " with 19° 06"S and 44° 36" with 44 58"E°.

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17 kms from « Tsingy de Bemaraha » National Park

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