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Madagascar, a fabulous natural destination

Ile continent or Red Island, Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean that is one and a half times the size of France. Surrounded by a few neighboring pearls such as Reunion Island, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Comoros archipelago, this island forms the fourth largest in the world by its area of 592 040 km2.

It offers a wide variety of landscapes that attract a large number of tourists, observers and visitors every year. In search of an authentic place where nature is at your fingertips, you are welcome to Madagascar. Beyond the unequaled friendliness of the Malagasy people, this unique island in the world also has many assets to seduce travelers.

Among the must-see attractions, there are the famous parks and nature reserves spread on both sides in the 6 provinces. Each of them has its own peculiarities, some of which are distinguished by an unusual encounter with rare animals while others by their natural and authentic appearance that would not be encountered anywhere else.

To give a taste of the newcomers, or simply to guide you in your choices, we invite you to visit these three unique places located in the East of the island:
- Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
- Akanin'ny Nofy Palmarium
- Sainte Marie Island

Located three hours drive from the capital, the Andasibe - Mantadia National Park is made up of two distinct protected areas that are the Analamazoatra Special Reserve and Mantadia National Park. Almost all the surface of the park is covered with primary tropical forests in which rare animal species survive such as lemurs, birds, chameleons, and insects of all kinds. Endemic plant species have also taken refuge in the heart of this park, with only ferns, orchids and medicinal trees.

The biggest star of the park is the lemur named Indri Indri, the largest in the world with its size reaching 80cm. If you will be with family or friends, you will not miss one of them leaning on a tree during your visit. During a morning walk, listen to the song of these endemic animals coming out of the forest to give you a good morning's pep.

In this national park, whether you are in the heart of the Analamazoatra Special Reserve or Mantadia Park, it is always important to open your eyes. The natural riches are here abounding: on the ground, in the air and sometimes suspended in the trees.

Places of spring not to be missed are also waiting for your visit, namely the beautiful natural pool with waterfall and the sacred waterfall that preserves the secrets of the island's great cultural traditions.

Our next visit is still focused on the east of Madagascar, an authentic area that contains many unmissable and amazing places. Located closer to the coast, the Palmarium Reserve is a peninsula named The Dream Nest or Ankanin'ny Nofy in Malagasy. This famous place is spread over 50ha, nestled between the borders of Ampitabe Lake and the Pangalanes Canal, then throwing itself into the Indian Ocean. The place is accessible only by boat for 2h30 of travel from Manambato, 60pk from the province of Toamasina.

After this long journey, visitors finally arrive at the palmarium where various species of lemurs live freely. The best known are the Indri, Sifaka, Coronatus, Varecia, variegata and Propithecus. On the other hand, there is the terrestrial fauna which is of unquestionable rarity. There are beautiful palm trees, orchids and carnivorous plants.

To finish the visit of the east, we will finish the route on the island of Sainte Marie also called Nosy Boraha. In fact, it is an oasis of greenery with rare floral species and primitive forests. Sainte Marie is an earthly paradise that offers a rich underwater world and breathtaking waterfalls.

In addition to the exquisite sweetness and the haven of peace that this place has to offer, do not forget the Whale Festival held each year in July. This is an unmissable event during which marine mammals give birth to their young in this hot water of the East. Visitors to the island can come and see these humpback whales and their offspring, which on their side, are easily photographed by people.

The Whale Festival has become over the years a cultural ceremony that brings together in a few days thousands of tourists and local visitors. The daily life of the inhabitants takes another turn during the festival. They leave out their daily tasks and habits to focus only on this big party. The city is animated by carnivals and parades. The cultural and sporting programs are numerous, without forgetting the unmissable rendezvous with the whales on the high seas.


To arrive at the destination "Tsingy of Bemaraha", it takes 2 days of car in the car of Antananarivo - Morondava - Bekopaka. The section of Antananarivo - Morondava, about 650kms, the road is tarred while that of Morondava - Belo/Tsirihibina- Bekopaka, 200 kms, with 5:00 of time road in track and 02 crossing of river out of Vat. You can imagine the intensity of the adventure and tiredness throughout road...


Single in the world, the site "Tsingy of Bemaraha" is a world heritage, declared by UNESCO in 1991. Who would not dream to walk on the sharp-edged peaks of Tsingy, or to enter the various caves of this great site or to discover the various species like the baobab trees, lemurs SIFAKA,...


After long roads or a day of discovery to cut the breath, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha and all its team is ready to be useful to you and satisfy through its services. Constituted by 16 Bungalows comfort, 07 Rooms and 03 continuations, each one will have the choice to choose its accommodation. In order to satisfy our customers, the whole of the hotel is enlightened 24:00/24 by solar panels...






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