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Established on a ground of 3 ha, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha is a ecolodge of 3 stars promises to the visitors of the park Tsingy de Bemaraha:
« Adventure, Discovered and Wellness at the same time »

Morondava, the capital of the Menabe region in southwest Madagascar

Located 700km from Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar, the city of Morondava is also a capital but rather the Menabe region. Bordered by the Mozambique Channel to the west, this amazing town has a look at the sea and forms a must-visit tourist spot in this part of the island.

A welcoming city rich in shops and boutiques

It should not be forgotten that beyond its tourist identity, Morondava is also a port city and a metropolitan city where the majority of the population lives from shops and small sales. Those who have already passed through this place can confirm it. Indeed, in the heart of the city, and especially in the center, many shops and galleries are established to meet the needs of the population.

Despite the presence of a few public and private administrative companies, the main activity of the inhabitants focuses on trade, especially textiles and textiles, especially consumer products, and also handicrafts.

Tourist accommodations located by the sea

When you leave the city center of Morondava to visit the perimeters, there is a wide choice of hotels and restaurants built for years to accommodate visitors and tourists. These types of infrastructure are mostly visible by the sea, to attract more customers in terms of setting and security, and to avoid the long-term displacement of customers between city center and beach.

Although the center is rich in discoveries, most visitors prefer to concentrate and stay directly on the seafront. Morondava offers them a beautiful beach with fine sand bordered by a few fishing villages which themselves constitute beautiful tourist attractions.

Other tourist attractions on the outskirts of the city

Being a medium-sized city, the visit can be done in one day only. The most beautiful places are yet to come as Morondava is the starting point for several excursions that will lead to different places as unique as the unparalleled beauty. Among them, the famous and unique Avenue of Baobabs only 15km from Morondava, as well as Kimony and its beautiful beach which also form a tourist hotspot appreciated by so many tourists. At 50km, Kirindy Mitea Park is a heritage site that deserves a visit. It offers authentic biodiversity that can not be found anywhere else. And finally, The Tsingy de Bemaraha, a little further from Morondava but really worth seeing during the passage to the west of Madagascar.


To arrive at the destination "Tsingy of Bemaraha", it takes 2 days of car in the car of Antananarivo - Morondava - Bekopaka. The section of Antananarivo - Morondava, about 650kms, the road is tarred while that of Morondava - Belo/Tsirihibina- Bekopaka, 200 kms, with 5:00 of time road in track and 02 crossing of river out of Vat. You can imagine the intensity of the adventure and tiredness throughout road...


Single in the world, the site "Tsingy of Bemaraha" is a world heritage, declared by UNESCO in 1991. Who would not dream to walk on the sharp-edged peaks of Tsingy, or to enter the various caves of this great site or to discover the various species like the baobab trees, lemurs SIFAKA,...


After long roads or a day of discovery to cut the breath, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha and all its team is ready to be useful to you and satisfy through its services. Constituted by 16 Bungalows comfort, 07 Rooms and 03 continuations, each one will have the choice to choose its accommodation. In order to satisfy our customers, the whole of the hotel is enlightened 24:00/24 by solar panels...






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17 kms from « Tsingy de Bemaraha » National Park

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